Monday, August 18, 2014

Podcast Movement 2014

The Podcast Movement 2014 conference was held this weekend in Dallas, TX.  Nearly 700 people attended this first-annual event, and I was there to learn more about this growing medium and decide if I am ready to launch my own podcast.  I am an avid listener of several podcasts on a variety of topics.  Over the past few months I have been exploring a concept that I believe will be fun, bring educational value, and allow me to share the cool things that people do to impact the world.

It was impressive how well the event was curated.  The organizers brought together many of the podcasting super-successful, but also a lot of interesting people who are seeking new ways to share information.  I definitely received more than I expected from my attendance and found the perfect accountability partner in a smart guy who is also seeking to launch a new podcast this fall. (Plus, Sara and the kids came along and had a few last minute vacation days before the school year starts up next week).

While at the event I also had the chance to meet some other solopreneurs (many who are podcasters) who are active in the Solopreneur Hour community.  The SoloHour is one of the fastest growing business podcasts, and host Michael O'Neal held several meet-ups for people who are part of his online community.  I have come to know many of these very smart and dedicated people virtually, and thus meeting them in person was an added bonus. 

Here are a few links to podcasts from some of my SoloLab friends (pictured above) that you might find interesting:

Solopreneur Hour (Michael O'Neal)

Not Bad For Dad (Scott Webber)

The Life of Now (Greg Barth)

You Leading You (Sean Ackerman)

Untrapped Life (Kristy Bartholomew)

100K Careers Q&A (Lisa Cummings)

OK 2 B LGBT (Molly Richardson and Kim Trumbo)

Ace Productivity (Timothy Moser)

SmartPhones Made Easy (Rey Brown)

There is a lot for me to accomplish to successfully launch my podcast in the next few months, but I am excited about the opportunity.  I hope that those who read this on my blog will stay tuned and be the first people to listen once it becomes real.

Have A Great Day

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