Friday, August 29, 2014

Emotional Vampires (Revisited)

Everyone knows someone who will emotionally drain the energy from the room. These are the "emotional vampires" and they are out there lurking, not in the shadows, but in your contact list. They knock you off from what is otherwise a great day. They suck the life force from your veins, and you are left feeling numb after being in their lair.

Like the character LeStat of Anne Rice's novels, they start off with ambitious ideas, but soon the knowledge of the triviality of their life sends them off casting darkness in their wake.

Take the time to examine those who drain your energy. There is no metaphorical wooden stake that will drive the "emotional vampires" out of your life. To do this you have to recognize negativity when it arrives, and have a policy that keeps the gossiping, whining, complaining, and bitching out of your life. They cannot enter your home without an invitation.  Remember, the ones who belittle others will do so you in due time. Walk away or face the eventuality of being bitten.

They exist, those who will harm your soul intentionally.  They are waiting to bite. But you control the actions you take in reaction their ways. It is the unconditional love you have with family (and true friends) that can be a clove of garlic. When people care with purpose, the dark ones cannot devour your soul.

Emotional vampires will come and go.  Once you take away their power to impact your feelings, they will vanish, as they have little use for those on whom they cannot feed.

Think about it.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

**I called this post "revisited" as I wrote about "Emotional Vampires" in 2007.

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