Thursday, February 06, 2014

Little Things

Enthusiastically I was up and out of bed early to deliver the keynote speech for a national association's annual meeting.  I had a good night sleep, went to the gym, ate a healthy breakfast and was ready to "wow" the audience.

As I got dressed in my hotel room it became apparent that no dress socks had been packed.  The keynote was at 8:00 AM, so there was no time to buy socks.  The malls were closed anyway, and the event was at a secluded resort.

This could have ruined my whole day.  It could have soured my mood and kept me from being at my best while speaking to the audience.  

But do you know what?  It is just a pair of socks.  The white gym socks would have to do.  Might the audience see I had white socks on?  Yes, but I was not going to lose sight of my charge to kick-off my clients conference and inspire their day.

Don't let the little things keep you from doing your best.

Have A Great Day


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