Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The ABC's of Legal Marketing - K is for Keywords

In the world of internet marketing a priority is placed on "Keywords".  With regards to websites, blogs or other online properties these are words that are assumed important to those conducting searches for products or services.  The right keyword can make the difference between  being noticed or being passed over in online searches.

But keywords are not just for the internet.  How you talk and the words you use will make you stand out and be noticed.  Selecting keywords that resonate can lead to people having a better understanding of what it is you actually do for a living.  

Search engines often give the most attention to the headings and the first 200 words on a webpage.  Therefore search experts advice that you use these ever important words appropriately up front.  The same is true in when you speak.  People will tune out if you do not grab their attention.

Overused "buzz-words", non-descriptive descriptions, and industry slang will have little meaning to those who are not attorneys.  However, simply saying "I am a lawyer" is far too broad to give any context to the services you provide or the types of clients with whom you work. 

In the same way that SEO consultants prioritize the words for your website, you should pay attention to how you speak and the words you use.  Be intentional in your descriptions of your business. Integrating keywords and phrases into the dialogues you have with other people in your business community will make you memorable.  Being too general is wasting your time.  An internet search engine can only work with what is typed in, and the brains of people can only go with what you tell them.  The rest is left to assumptions, and that can take people down the wrong path.  

We all want to be top of mind with those who can hire us or refer business.  In the same way everyone wants to come up on the first page of a Google search in their area of expertise, you want people to remember you in their minds when they need legal services.

Think about the words you choose and the stories you tell about how you impact clients.  Creating an "elevator pitch" that you memorize and blindly recite is not the best plan.  You need to be flexible in how you talk in different situations and with different people.  How you describe yourself to a potential clients should be unique from how you speak to a referral source, vendor, or past client. 

If you have not given any thought to how you present yourself, or the words you use when you describe your services, you may be missing a valuable opportunity to increase the reach of your brand in your community.  Invest the time in hearing how others talk about their practices and learn from those who do it well (and from those who fail to clearly express themselves).  

Choose keywords that make sense and matter to the people who are listening. Words have power and can paint lasting images that will impact how others judge your business.  

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Tiffanie Kellog said...

This takes Keywords to a whole new level! I can see how being strategic with your words can be powerful.