Sunday, November 10, 2013

The ABC's of Legal Marketing - I is for Interesting

Marketing is there to help you be noticed by those who could hire you or refer your services to others.  Out of sight is out of mind, and in the highly competitive legal marketplace there are many choices.  When potential clients seek your services you need for them to find you interesting.

Too many lawyers and law firms avoid standing out from others.  They create simple marketing materials and ads that will not look unique, as they do not want to rock the boat within the legal profession.  This ensures that much of the marketing we see for law firms looks like the marketing of every other attorney.  While I am not advocating being outrageous or weird, there is nothing gained from intentionally positioning yourself as a boring commodity.

Be interesting.  Boring is safe, but it is also ignored.

What does it mean to "be interesting"?  This is difficult define as it will be different for each person, practice group, and firm.  To be successful your marketing should allow your own unique experiences (including hobbies and personal life) to be part of what you show to the world. This does not mean a trial attorney should feature his or her herb garden in their marketing, but being true to self is very important.  

Exposing your personality allows others to get to know the whole person, and people want to do business with people whom they like.  Nobody can feel anything about you without an honest connection.  

Some successful lawyers will argue this point, believing that attorneys should only show their professional expertise and remain above exposing anything personal.  But others will have found success by exposing their personality and personal lives to their community.  In all businesses people usually choose to do business with people they know, like and trust.  The practice of law is not different.  Law is a highly interactive industry, and the people you encounter in your career can have a material impact on your future success.

Being interesting also means being able to converse about topics beyond your practice of law when in professional and social situations.  If all you can do is discuss business, you will miss the chances to create bonds with others.  Keep up with the news, current affairs, sports, business, and pop culture.  These topics come up often in conversation, and if you are unsure of who won the Masters (or what it is), which companies in your community are poised for IPOs, or the latest antics of a popular celebrity, you are not part of the discussion.  The advice to know pop-culture references often gets push-back, but pay attention to how often people talk about Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian in places you do business (it happens more often than you think!).

In addition to being interesting, you need to be interested in others.  Do not always try to put the attention on yourself. Take the time to learn about the whole lives of your clients, co-workers and others in your community.  When you take an interest in what is important to other people, they will pay more attention to you.  People do not care about you until they believe you know and care about them.  

The personal side of conversing with others can be your key to winning more business.  In all situations be sure you are interesting and interested.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

Thom Singer is experienced in legal marketing and business development.  He regularly speaks at law firm retreats inspiring attorneys to embrace their brand and increase their sales.  He also teaches lawyers ways to improve their presentation skills as the firm's secret weapon for business development success.  More information at

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