Friday, October 05, 2012

Cool Things My Friends Do - Zach Horvath Travels The World

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their work and personal lives. 

I met Zach Horvath over a year ago.  He is in his early twenties and full of energy and ambition.  He openly seeks an entrepreneurial life and does not feel he needs to play by the traditional norms.  He clearly would be board working for an accounting firm.

What I like about Zach is that he does not wait for life to happen.  He tries stuff.  If it does not work out, he tries something else. Zach is a seeker (one who openly seeks something greater than the standard).  He was doing some coaching for Gen Y folks who felt disappointed and disenchanted by the "system".  He designed T-shirts which he sold.  He hosted "Salons" where he brought together interesting people to talk politics, philosophy, and the meaning of life.  He orchestrated public art creation.

Now he is on the road.  He realized that life could get more complicated as he got older, so he figured now was the time to travel.  Several months ago he went to Europe.  He may be there for a year.  Maybe longer.

I follow him on Facebook (for some reason, unknown to me, his name has become "Zoom Horvath").  Each week there are colorful photos of his trip and stories of his encounters.  It always is interesting.  He finds people and places while freely living his life.

I love writing this weekly post on "Cool Things My Friends Do" as it forces me to look closely at what people are up to in their lives.  Zach was an easy choice to add to this collection.  Imagine going throughout the world without a plan.  Think about the conversations you could have with people when you are not shy or worried about what they will think of you.  Consider how you can discover the human condition while waiting for hours for a slow train to somewhere.

Zach is the poster child for cool things people do.  No matter where life leads him, I doubt he will ever be board or boring!

Have A Great Day.

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