Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lessons From "Uncle Joey"

I had the opportunity to meet comedian Dave Coulier ("Uncle Joey" from the legendary television show "Full House") when I was the Master of Ceremonies for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the AOPA Foundation Dinner.  Dave is an enthusiastic pilot, and is on a mission to help promote general aviation to the next generation of pilots.  He was attending the AOPA event to present awards at the Foundation Dinner, and also gave a talk on his experiences as a pilot for over 35 years.

I was excited to meet Dave.  We have a mutual friend who told me that he is a great guy, and the description was right on target.  We had some fun at the event, and he made me laugh a lot. It was especially fun to watch him take time with fans of all ages who approached him for an autograph or photo.  He never tired of giving his time to those at the event who wanted to speak with him and share their love of this time on Full House.  

I imagine celebrities get stopped all the time by people wanting to speak with them, but even 25 years after his show became an international sensation, he was enthusiastic to talk with people.  It is a great reminder to the rest of us who go through our busy-busy work days in the business world and DO NOT make time for others.  It takes very little effort to be generous with time.  If the guy whose show continues to air in over 100 countries can be approachable (and nice)... why can't business professionals be more gracious to those around them?

If you are not open to engaging with those around you.... "CUT IT OUT".  (Who gets the reference?)

My kids are big fans of the show "Full House".  They have seen every episode on Nick at Nite over the years.  I asked Dave if he would call my house and speak to my daughters.  He did not hesitate.  The kids got on the phone and he chatted with them for several minutes.  It is not everyday that "Uncle Joey" just calls to say hello.  It was a special moment for the girls.

Thanks to Dave, and his delightful girlfriend Melissa, for a fun time at AOPA.  

Have A Great Day.

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