Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Networking Inside Your Company - #HR Cares That People Have Friends At Work!

Lately I have been talking with human resources professionals.  There is a growing interest to create internal training programs for employees that both provide relevant information and cause people to take meaningful actions that benefit both the individual and the company.

Many companies have not focused on staff education and motivation over the last several years, as tight budgets and economic concerns have place priorities elsewhere.  But in 2012 there appears to be a new excitement for focusing on creative programs that can inspire people.  The common thread is they are looking for something different.  May are not sure what "different" means, but they are excited to explore new topics and ways to deliver information.

Traditional classes (live or online) are not going away, but presentations that are interactive and conversational have captured the attention of some companies.  Desired topics vary depending on the organization, but the downturn has put a spotlight on the importance of business relationships.  People matter, and that became evident over the past three years.

Internal networking is just as important as building contacts outside the company.  However, many companies have never cultivated a culture that inspires people to forge powerful friendships with co-workers.  One HR executive told me that when someone has a "best friend at work" they are less likely to jump ship to a new job. She added that her company fears a domino of job changing once there are more opportunities in their city and industry.  To prevent this they are looking to help their workers establish better relationships with each other.

I enjoy training inside companies on how to build a stronger networking connections inside the company.  The program has a different focus than my conference presentations, as internal networking brings with it a different set of protocols. If it makes a difference, then it matters to everyone.

How about you?  Do you have a strong network inside your company?

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thom singer

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Thom Singer said...

I have been fascinated about the whole idea of a best friend at work since I read this 1999 Gallup article. It makes total sense that when you have ties to others in the workplace that you perform better and are more likely to stay with the company.