Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great New E-Book For Those In A Job Search

I know in my core that relationships are essential to success. All opportunities come from people, and you never know how or when the people you encounter will come in and out of your life and provide you with the boost you need to excel.

Those looking for jobs must pay special attention to their networking skills. But even those not searching for work need to make networking a priority. Pay attention to people and understand their goals and dreams. Look for ways to help them when ever you can.

Sometimes you meet people there is an instant connection that leads to more business or other success for both of you. Other times you cannot see the reason for your meeting or discover ways that you can both have a positive impact on each other - but they are interesting and nice... and nobody should ever shrug a friendship for the sake of friendship.

Then there are people who you don't know well, lose touch with, and then cross paths again decades later to discover you are in the same line of work, industry or share similar goals. When this happens it is a sign that there is true and mutually beneficial opportunity in the works, and the universe is dropping the connection in your lap!

Let me tell you about one such friend -- and his fantastic new e-book for people who are in the middle of career transitions, job searches, or just concerned about their employment future.

Tim Tyrell-Smith is the author of the new e-book, "30 Ideas - The Ideas of Successful Job Search". I knew Tim at San Diego State University over 20 years ago. We had some mutual friends and always got along well - but we did not run in the same circles. We were in different fraternities (I was a Beta, he was a Sigma Chi... but don't hold that against him!!!) and our paths did not cross again for many years.

Recently, via Facebook, we became re-connected. Tim is now a leading expert in the job search arena, and is the founder of two websites that are both informative and powerful for those who are seeking more from life. Spin Strategy - Tools for Intelligent Job Search was founded because of his passion to help others overcoming the difficulties of being laid off and who are looking for their next career opportunity. Quioting - A Quest of New Ideas is designed to help those who have unique and creative ideas, but never know what to do with them.

Tim's message closely matches what I profess here on the Some Assembly Required Blog and in my books. He is growing his business, blogs, writing and speaking career .... and it is clear to me that we can be valuable resources to help each other find greater success.

I have downloaded Tim's free Job Search E-Book and I recommend you do the same. It is full of great advice and he clearly provides useful tips for anyone who is concerned about how to cultivate a more successful job search.

Share the link with your friends who are looking for work, and let them know about the resources he has available at Spin Strategy.

Have A Great Day.


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