Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The ABC's of Public Speaking - X is for eXtra

X is for eXtra

Because it is called "giving a speech" it is a good policy to remember that as the presenter it is your duty to "give" to your audience. Your talk is a gift to your listeners. Everything you do when you are on stage must be done with the listener in mind.

When you focus on giving to your audience you will always be a more successful speaker.

Deliver inspiration, advice, humor, compassion, knowledge, and challenging motivation to those in the crowd. Always be prepared to put 100% of your ability as a speaker into your preparation and execution of your speech. That is expected of all speakers.

But always give something extra that the audience does not anticipate. Speakers who bring something more are always remembered. Several years ago I witnessed the CFO of Brown-Forman Corporation speak at an event. Brown-Forman owns several adult beverage brands including Jack Daniels. She had a gift of a bottle of Jack Daniels for each person in the audience, which was a big hit with the crowd! Years later those who attended her talk remember it very well!

If your company's product or service is too expensive to give to everyone, consider doing a drawing a rewarding one or two audience members with the valuable sample.

When you do not have a product or service that that lends itself as something you can give away, then create a hand-out that has the most valuable points from your presentation so that every audience member recieves something to take home.

Anytime you can give the audience something extra, they will remember your presentation with greater intensity.

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