Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All Boards Happy Hour

Eric Hennenhoefer, founder of Obsidian Software and the former president of the Austin Chapter for the Entrepreneur's Organization, had an idea several years ago (at least I think it was his idea???) to create the All Boards Happy Hour. This event brings together the boards of directors of all the areas business non-profit organizations for an evening of networking.

Think about this for a minute.... the people who serve on boards for business organizations (think Chambers of Commerce, industry groups, networking organizations, educational clubs, etc...) are all leaders in the community, but often do not know those who serve with different organizations. When you bring together the leaders in any community, new relationships are formed and big things can grow from that in the future.

This event has been reoccurring in Austin for several years. Every time it is an impressive gathering of amazing people. Tonight's event, held at the Acton School of Business campus, was not exception.

Sponsored by EO and the Winstead Law Firm, over 100 people came together and made connections.

If you live in the Austin area and volunteer for a business group, make sure that you show up next time. Tonight I talked with people from the following organizations: The Austin Chamber of Commerce, TEXCHANGE, Entrepreneurs Organization,, Austin Technology Council, Rice Alliance, Austin Women in Technology, Association for Corporate Growth, Bootstrap Austin, Leadership Austin, Financial Executives International, the Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Acton Foundation, and many others.

If you live outside of Austin, Texas.... this is a GREAT IDEA to recreate in your community.

Have A Great Day.


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Cruce Saunders said...

Awesome event, enjoyed spending time with these motivated leaders and those that help create such an inspired community in Austin. Seeing all the entrepreneurial support organizations was further evidence that perhaps Austin is the most entrepreneur-friendly city on the planet.