Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The ABC's of Public Speaking - I is for Intention

I is for Intention

Any time you speak to an audience you must do so with intention. Know your purpose for being on stage. Are you there to educate? To inform? To entertain? To tell a story? To motivate? To influence or encourage those listening? To deliver good or bad news? Is your presentation designed as a call to action for others? What is your personal motivation for being the person speaking?

Be determined to deliver your talk so that you intentionally stay true to purpose.

Regardless of why you are there, you should have a desire to impact your audience for the better. Many people enjoy being the center of attention, and thus shine on the adoration they get from the audience. However, the best speakers bounce the spotlight off themselves and re-focus it on the others in the room.

When you are clear to the reason you are presenting, you will be more powerful. Being intentional bends your mind toward your objective. All speakers should want to be viewed as meaningful and significant to their audiences. Have a clear idea of how you can influence and make sure that you continue to stay true to that objective.

Your intention is the aim that will guide you to being more effective. Very often business professionals try to rely on technical data or well designed PowerPoint slides, and thus lose track of the deeper meaning of their presentation. A speech is not a Broadway Play. While it is a performance, it is not as much about the staging, props, and prose as it is about the connection that the speaker makes with those in the crowd.

Know why you are there and be intentional in everything you do with regards to your presentation.

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