Friday, September 19, 2008

Make A Donation To Help Breast Cancer Research

UPDATE 9/20/08 - They have now hit $330 as of 6:30 AM Saturday. Common folks, just a series of small donations can take her goal up to $500.

One of my lifelong friends has a sister-in-law who is raising money for her participation in the Susan Komen Race For The Cure (Inland Empire, California).

She set a goal of raising $200.

While a great start, I thought it would be fun to have anyone who can spare $5, $10, $25, $100 or more who believes in the cause to jump in and make a donation. The power of social media, blogs and word-of-mouth on the internet has the potential to explode her goal. Monique's brother-in-law sent me the link to her donation page.... but he had NO IDEA that I would write about this on my blog.

My mother and mother-in-law both lost battles with breast cancer, and as the father of two daughters I find the Susan Komen Foundation to be a very worthy cause.

When I logged onto Monique's fundraising page this morning she had raised $147.00. I made a $53 donation to help her reach her goal. Now I ask you to make a small donation to put her way over the top.

I do not know Monique very well (although I was the photographer at her wedding to her husband Billy!). She and her husband are both elementary school teachers and both are dedicated to helping and teaching others. However I have been friends with the Homan family for longer than I can remember. Cool people who care. They have always been there for me in good times and bad. And Monique is a very nice and fun person with a good heart.

I hope she is surprised and amazed when she goes way beyond her $200 goal because of the good nature of some donations for the readers of this blog!

CLICK HERE to donate.

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kbaffoni said...

Thanks for posting this. Since both my kids go to school where she and her husband teach, and knowing the family for years, we are more than happy to help her out in her fundraising efforts.