Monday, September 29, 2008

Congress, Bailouts, And Why The Average American Hates Politics

In August I wrote a blog post titled "Want Real Political Change? FIRE CONGRESS!".

In this short piece I said:

If Americans realized that to send a real message for reform to Washington, the White House is not the target.... Let Barak Obama or John McCain take the chair (it does not matter as much as we think).... But instead lets send a whole crop of new enthusiastic and heart-powered fresh faces into the House.

Now, nearly two months later, I believe this more than ever before. The political grandstanding and finger pointing that has gone on in Washington DC in the past few days surrounding the financial market meltdown is disgraceful. Saving the economy is not a time for party games.

Both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are working hard to make sure that their own party looks better than the other in this crisis - with no regard for the American people.

The party leaders acted as "Democrats first" and "Republicans first" this week -- Americans second.

Booooo to Congress.

Every news item or sound-bite is over run with our leaders playing the blame game for the crisis and the failure to pass the bailout. There is blame for both parties and someone had best figure this out or the system that melts down will not be the banking system.

Like a kid caught in the candy jar our Congressmen and Congresswomen are making every excuse in the book without taking responsibility.

Anyone who points a finger at the other party during this important critical time should be voted out of office in November. Alas, that would remove almost all of the members of the House of Representatives. A fresh start might not be so bad!

I am so mad I could spit. Not that the bill did not pass. I am not informed enough to claim to be an expert on this topic. However, I hate seeing our elected officials behave like spoiled children.


Enough, enough, enough. Work together people!

I wish that others would join this chorus and demand better manners from Congress.

The political parties and their lords and ladies of the fiefdoms are too focused on winning elections and keeping power. They do not seem concerned with real results that impact those of us on Main Street.

Normal people do not get the luxury of blaming others with every decision we make. We have to get up and do our jobs, pay our bills, and live life. We do not operate in a "sound-bite" world where image is more important than reality. Normal people have to figure out how to solve our problems. The time has come for Congress to get over their divisive partisan mantra and begin a new day.

Average Americans hate politics. It is time that politicians change how they behave and remember whom they were sent to Washington to serve (that would be the American people).

Shame on all of them.

Have A Good Day.


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