Friday, October 19, 2007

Does Your Job Fit?

Imagine spending years wearing clothes that did not fit. Each day when you get up you step into a suit of clothes that belong to someone larger or smaller, and all day long you find yourself tugging at the material that is riding up and chafing your skin. When you walk down the hall you need to roll up the pants and to sit would require you to unzip the pants, so you uncomfortably stand the whole time.

Nobody would do this, but millions of people go to work every day in jobs where they are not the right match for the culture, skills, requirements or schedule. They are in the wrong sized clothes, but they put up with the misfit rather than taking actions that could forever change their life.

I had a conversation with a friend today who admitted to remaining in a job where he has been for over a decade and hates the management because it pays well. He clearly does not wake up each day and smile at the thought of serving his employer. His dreams and aspirations are not on the same track as his daily routine. He disparately desires clothes that fit, but he puts up with the chafing anyway.

Finding that job where the company's focus and goals match up with your talents is like putting on a tailored suit for the first time. It fits. You know it immediately. You feel the quality in the material and you stand taller. Your smile sends a clear message to the world around you that you have arrived. You are "home".

Finding a career fit is not easy. Sometimes you have to try on a lot of jobs so that you know the difference between right and wrong. This can have a stigma to some (job-hopping)....but you should view it as earning your own personal MBA, making sure to learn something important with each move you make. Always work hard and do your best, and never cower to what others think when it is time for you to move on to something better.

Never give up when you feel lost in your career and encourage others who are lost in their work life to seek more. That right fit is out there, and the universe rewards those who continue to seek their right place in life. Do not feel stuck in a miserable job with people who do not "get" your special talents and contributions.

When you find a job that matches your uniqueness, you will know it and you will drive home thinking about ways to contribute to the company's success tomorrow. When the clothes fit you well, you want to wear them all the time!

Have A Great Day.


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