Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Close The Loop On Networking

One never knows when you are helping others in your network of professional contacts. Sometimes a casual mention of a person, company or a product is the catalyst for another person to better their situation.

Today I got the following email:


Just wanted you to know that I have contacted [The Goldwasser Team Real Estate] about a possible listing of my home we have for sale in Round Rock. I recall you mentioning his name in the past. Just wanted you to see the loop close on another example of the network in action."

This email made me smile. One good friend of mine is reaching out to another good friend of mine to conduct business. If he hires him, he will receive great service. Everyone wins! While I do not get any direct benefit from helping facilitate this connection, I win too.

The person who sent me the email understands how important networking can be in the decision to do business with someone, but also realizes the importance of closing the loop and telling me about his actions to contact this company per my recommendation.

Networking can only reach the most powerful levels when you share information with others, but it also requires them to share back when they take action to follow your advice. If he had never told me about his contacting The Goldwasser Team, I would most likely never have known about this example of "networking in action".

Have A Great Day.


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