Sunday, May 28, 2006

Have A Great Summer!

One of my favorite bloggers is taking a sabbatical.

Barbara Price at the BW Price Marketing U Blog is taking the summer off from her blog to spend focus her time on work and her adorable kids (she has their photos on her farewell post).

Her 2nd to last post (for now...she will be back!!!) has one of the greatest titles I have seen anywhere. "Like Trying To Pick Up Pretty Girls In An Ugly Car" talks about the disconnect between her firm's abilities and their current website. The company is state of the art and very cool...yet the website is an ugly car. Think back to high school, no matter how cool the guy, the pretty girls did not want to ride in the yellow GMC Pacer. (Fortunately for me I drove a fully restored 1966 Ford Mustang when I was in high school. The theory actually works in reverse...pretty girls will ride with the dorky guy in a cool car!!!).

Her company is working on their new website, but I just loved the title of this post. Take the time to read her blog archives, as she is both informative and entertaining! I hope she has a great summer and I look forward to her return to blogging.
What ever happened to the Ford Mustang? My older brother let me borrow it when I was 15-years-old. I had it all through high school and freshman year of college. He had a company car and did not want to sell the Mustang. Yes, he is that cool of an older brother!! He did take it back when I was 19. Oh well. He still has the car, but over the past 21 years it has gotten a bit run down. Here is a picture of us with the car that was taken last month. The car is much older and has to be held together in places with duct tape......just like me!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Barbara Price said...


Thanks for the post and kind comments. I now may not be taking the summer off since I have a lot to blog about (our new website being one of them. We finally hired a designer!).

FYI, I mentioned you, your book, and your blog in an article I wrote and was released today in the American Society of Appraiser's Business Valuation E-Newsletter. Hope it pushs traffic to your blog and sells a few books.