Monday, May 15, 2006

The ABC's of Networking: S is for Sincerity

When building a network of professional contacts that will assist you in growing your career, you must have the right motivation. You should genuinely look to connect with others in your business community whom you can create mutually beneficial relationships.

If your motive is just to find people who will send you referrals, and you do not plan on putting in the work to help others (notice that in the middle of the word "networking" is the word work!!), you wont be successful. Over time others will discover that you are a taker.

You must sincerely want to be a resource for others if you want to assemble a useful network. Those who are selfish with their intentions should stay home.

*If you meet someone who is influencial, but you do not really like
not invest the time to build a relationship with them. That is not sincere. It
is manipulating them into a friendship for your own gain.

*If someone in your network is helping you, look for ways to be return the favor. If you do not clearly see a way to benefit them...ASK them what you can do to be of assistance to their career. But you have to sincerely mean it...and then take action.

*Never be phony in your interactions with others (but you still have to be
polite!!!). Do not kiss up to people to garner their friendship. Be yourself,
and look for ways to be relevant to others.
Nothing proves your sincerity more than longevity. Many people will come and go in the business world. Those who last two, three, ten years on top will have their secrets exposed, that is why you should always be anything less will eventually be known to all.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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