Monday, April 02, 2018

Unlock Potential

Knowledge is NOT power. Maybe it was before the internet. But now the real power is in taking action.  But not any action, it must be tied to your plans, your purpose, and the people who are part of your business and personal life. 

We all have more access to knowledge than humans have ever had in history, but few people feel they are achieving all they can in their careers. Information alone is just a piece of a person's overall potential. Anyone can now access data and ideas in every industry with just a few clicks.  Many assumed this would level the playing field, but there are still just a few who excel to the top. 

Over 70% of the nearly 500 people that I have surveyed admit to not believing they are doing all they can in their careers. They realize they have the potential for more success, but potential does not equal results. 

In order to unlock your potential and discover your personal best you have to realize a legitimate gap that exists between where you are and what you could be doing if you maximized your efforts.  The valley that many want to cross seems the same, but it is quite different for each person.  Even people on a the same corporate team will find they have different things holding them back, and any variety of unique solutions. 

To unlock your potential you need to do many things.  But the following ten tips are what the ones at the top of their game have told me makes the difference:

Ten Tips Toward Unlocking Potential

1. Take ownership of your life. If you want to unlock you potential, you have to quit blaming others for whatever is holding you back. 

2. Set clear goals. Know what success looks like long before you start taking actions to get you there. 

3. Work past the fear. Fear is real and it is normal.  However, getting paralyzed by fear will hold you back forever. 

4. Connect with people. All opportunities come from people.  If you are not good at networking and building relationships, you will fail over time.

5. Be aggressive with gratitude. Letting others know they have helped you is the easiest way to stand out from your competition.  Too few people properly say "thank you". 

6. Deliver on all projects. Doing good work is the ticket into the game.  If you are not delivering a high quality product or service, nothing else will help you succeed. 

7. Accept that change happens. In the real world of business things often shift.  The economy, company structure, etc... can morph.  Be ready for it. 

8. Ask for help. There is no lone ranger in the world of high achievers.  Those on top always have a team who help them get there.

9. Try new things. If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.  Push yourself to experiment. 

10. Believe in yourself. Nobody else will always be there to support you.  You must be confident that you are capable of achieving great things or you never will. 

Not everyone needs to do all ten of these things, but my guess is a few of them resonated with you and align with your current situation.  It is important that you are honest with yourself and begin to take the necessary actions that will lead you to unlock your potential and create the life you desire.

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