Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Vibration of Goodness

Recently I was at an event called the New Media Summit with about 200 people in attendance.  It was three days of learning, and was filled with ambitious people who are seeking to expand their businesses and help others in the process. As I looked at the group picture taken at the end of the conference, I am reminded of the vibration of "goodness" that was created between the attendees.

The gathering was focused on "podcasting", and while my podcast is over three years old, I had the chance to interact with people at all levels of participation in this still growing field. I started my show without any community and little guidance, and thus the people I met here have a leg up on my experience because there were so many people showing them how to engage in this medium. 

Even as part of the faculty for the conference I was inspired to become more intentional. In those moments of fateful interactions with people is where your life changes. In being at an in-person conference you have the serendipitous collision of souls.

I helped arrange the 200 people into position for the picture, as three decades ago I worked as an event and wedding photographer. As I looked at the above photo taken as the event ended, I am overcome by a strange connection to humanity. Moving people around to formulate a symmetrical grouping means seeing each person as an individual and as part of a group. That combination is powerful.

Thanks to all who were at the summit. I am inspired and feel that I encountered some good souls who will add to the tapestry of my life and I look forward to how our paths continue to cross.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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