Monday, January 04, 2016

PCMA Convening Leaders and The Morning "Pre-Note" (like a Keynote, but earlier)

If you are going to this year's PCMA (Professional Convention Managers Association) Convening Leaders event in Vancouver, I know you are getting excited.  In just a few days several thousand people will gather to learn, share, network and grow their understanding of the trends in the meetings business.

I am excited to be involved again this year.  I spoke in the Learning Lounge four years ago and was impressed with the agenda and the people who were present.  There is a real excitement about this event, and Vancouver is an awesome city.

This year I am going to be part of the "Morning Orientation" that will take place before the daily general session.  Before going to hear the "Keynote" people have the opportunity to come to a "Pre-Note" during breakfast.  These sessions will co-hosted with Kelly Peacy, the senior vice president of education and meetings for PCMA, and we promise everyone will learn and meet others.

In the past years on Sunday night there has been a "First Timers Reception" where Kelly has shared special information about the Convening Leaders event and encouraged networking for the hundreds who are present for the first time.  But since the event kicks off on Monday, the NFL Playoffs on Sunday night have been a conflict.  Plus, the information about the unique experience PCMA has planned over the coming days is not just for newcomers.  Everyone can benefit from learning about the methodology behind all the cool things on the agenda.

PCMA prides itself on always trying something different.  Thus in place of the 1st Timers party, there will be a daily "Morning Orientation" that will combine information about what is planned for the day, along with a high energy and interactive session.  Kelly will share the the ideas and concepts for the day, and then turn it over to me to kick off with my "Pre-Note" session.  My charge is to get people pumped up for the day, give them valuable information, and to help them make a new friend each morning!

Schedule for the Daily Pre-Note at the Morning Orientation

Monday:  How to Maximize the Conference.  For first timers, or anyone, a key part of getting the most from a live event is the networking, but often people fail to get the most they can from attending an event.  Regardless of if someone is an extrovert of an introvert, we will discuss ways to make connections that matter and how to have more fun.  

Tuesday: Creating a Culture of Connection.  Meeting professionals always want to make sure that their attendees get the most from attending their events.  This workshop style conversation will be highly interactive and we will tap into the brilliance in the room to share the best ideas on setting the tone for networking at any event.

Wednesday: What is the Best Thing You Learned at PCMA 2016.  With so many sessions, nobody can attend them all.  This facilitated discussion will get people thinking about what they learned and how they will use it when they get back to to their office.  Come and share your best "Ah Ha" moment from Convening Leaders.

Below is the interview I conducted with Kelly Peacy on the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Podcast.  She talks about her 15+ year career at PCMA and we discuss the 2016 Convening Leaders event.   You have to take some time and hear this podcast chat. 

If you are going to be at the Convening Leaders event, please attend the "Morning Orientation" every day and come and say "HELLO".  I am looking forward to meeting you.

Have A Great Day

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