Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wear Your Best You

Find best in yourself and wear that on the outside.

We all have made mistakes at some point.  Bad choices, wrong turns, failed business attempts, words said in spite, etc....  But these do not define you.  Too often we believe that other people see us for our faults, but over the long run people see us for what we choose to put out in front.

I am not saying hid your flaws, as my experiences have shown me that people who cover every blemish are not real to themselves or the rest of us.  Embrace the hurdles you have cleared and be proud of growing and learning from the troubles and tribulations of your past.  But also leave them to the side.  Let your soul shine with the pride of what you have done that is awesome.

Long ago I got over being worried what individuals thought or said about me.  It turns out that when you are successful, or even actively pursuing success, there will be others who will resent you for it.  They will seek out your mistakes and go out of their way to tell others.  You cannot stop these people and you should not even care.  

When someone shows they are a petty jerk who wants to undermine the people around them, simply find ways to detour around them.  If you have to come into contact with toxic people, be very polite, but do not waste your time in trying to get on their good side.  Just be the best you that you can be, and wish them well.  Do not get sucked into their web of jealousy and gossip, as they will lure you in with talk of others, only to get close enough to throw you under the next bus that comes along.

I have learned the hard way the going toward self-improvement is a lonely journey.  The majority of the population is not seeking to better themselves, and your efforts to expand yourself make them nervous, jealous or just pissed off.  Don't be held back by the medium.  The middle is not acceptable for people who long to do more.  

Surround yourself with people who say it is okay to talk about your dreams, goals and aspirations.  Find your circle of people that are on a similar path and find ways to push and lift each other along the way.  

When those bad days come up and you feel like a failure, remember that some of the most successful people throughout history have overcome obstacles.  It is those dark days that show us we desire and expect more from ourselves.  Those hours where we have all wanted to roll up in a ball and sob are just the training ground for being prepared to shine at a later time.  It is okay to feel lost, but never forget that the feeling is only temporary.

Push through and show the world what is the strongest parts of you. Don't worry about the past problems you faced, as over time your reputation will be the best foot you put forward.  The naysayers and haters will eventually move on to an easier target, as they know when they are beaten. 

Nothing speaks louder that your finest actions.

Have A Great Day

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