Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cool Things My Friends Do (Week #130): Jason Kotecki - Penguins Can't Fly

Each week on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

Today my friend Jason Kotecki's releases his new book: Penguins Can't Fly: +39 Other Rules That Don't Exist.  That is always a cool thing, and I am excited to feature him on week #130 of "Cool Things My Friends Do".
Life is supposed to be fun. We knew this instinctively as kids, but somehow forgot on the way to adulthood. We got busy and overwhelmed, started valuing things that don't matter, and learned to follow the rules that don't even exist:
  • hate mondays
  • only celebrate when the calendar gives you permission
  • don't make a mess
  • don't play hooky
  • hide your weirdness
  • hide your wrinkles
  • care what other people think

Following these so-called rules is a terrific way to stress you out, sap your energy, and ensure a boring life. But there's a better way. In his enlightening book, author and artist Jason Kotecki uncovers some of the most useless rules so you can shift perspective and start seeing the world with wonder once again.
Jason says: It's time to stop living by someone else's rules. Your life is a story, and a short one at that. Make it a good one.

Jason Kotecki is an artist, speaker and author of several books,

Besides making art that inspires and delights people all over the world, Jason is an engaging professional speaker. He empowers organizations and individuals to restore balance, prevent burnout, and achieve new levels of productivity and innovation with real-world strategies that tap into the timeless wisdom of childhood.

Jason and his wife, Kim (a former kindergarten teacher), are the dynamic duo behind Escape Adulthood and founders of the Cure Adultitis Institute. In their crusade to annihilate Adultitis, they inspire and encourage people to design lives with less stress and more fun.

Jason is a Batman fan, Star Wars watcher, retro t-shirt wearer, avid eater of sugar-laden cereal, and father of three kids. He lives with his family in picturesque Madison, Wisconsin, where they enjoy long walks by the lake and eat way too many cheese curds.

Learn more at EscapeAdulthood.com

Jason was also a recent guest on my podcast "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" (Episode #80).

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