Wednesday, June 18, 2014

People Have Power

The people with whom you surround yourself make a huge difference in your life.  They influence how you see the world, impact your mood, and help you rise to higher levels of success (or hold you back).   The legendary author and speaker, the late Jim Rohn, had a famous saying:
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Mr. Rohn was right.  If you are engulfed by self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negativity, it can be a result of the input you are receiving from others.  The reverse is true too, as if you are inspired to take action, excited about the future, and positively focused.... you are most likely spending time with the right people.

Fortunately I am connected to some amazing souls.  Family, friends, clients, co-workers, mentors, etc.... all have lead me onto the path of self-improvement.  My wife and kids are the ones I see the most, and they give me a reason to keep working on myself.  I am driven to find ways to improve in my personal and professional life, and usually enjoy tackling my flaws (yeah, sometimes it sucks to admit shortcomings!!)

While people will come and go over time (and that is okay), we live in a world with a variety of communication options, so distance no longer means a lack of contact.  I have active friendships that date back to elementary school, even though I live in a different state than where I grew up.  My family will spend part of our vacation with two other families this summer, and I have known the other dads since kindergarten and 7th grade.  Now our kids are friends.  While I do not see them often, both of these guys have had a positive impact on my life.  I do not recall life without them being my friends, and I cannot think of them without being washed over by good thoughts.

In my speaking career I have the honor to be associated with some incredible giving people through the National Speakers Association. Many members of the association are willing to share their experience, ideas, and best practices.  I doubt I could have had succeeded without the input from so many other speakers. Both nationally and locally I have found encouragement to keep going and am pushed to learn and grow.  I have joined a mastermind group with several other speakers, and each time we meet (in person or via Skype) I feel lifted up.  This group understands the crazy side of the speaking industry.  This business can be confusing and lonely if one does not have "Speaker Buddies" to keep you on track.

(**Note.. no matter what industry you work in, it is a good idea to have friends in the business.  Join and participate in your trade association!)

The exciting part of all this is there are always new people who will come into your life and raise up your "sum total".  With seven billion humans on the planet you have nearly unlimited opportunities to cultivate amazing relationships with cool people.  Not everyone is a good match to be part of your inner circle, but there is always someone out there who can change your world for the better.  Some whom you meet wont like you, or will not be willing to give you the time of day... so what? Move on.  It does not mean they are bad people, they are just not "your people".

But remember this.... to attract the type of people who will raise you up, you need to be a person who does the same for others.  Nobody wants to be pulled down into the mud, so if you are a person who makes people feel lower, they will be happy to get away from your orbit.  Encourage others, praise them, and help them achieve their goals.  If you are always pointing out their flaws, or talking about them behind their back in negative ways, then you cannot expect them to keep coming back for more abuse (or to serve as your champion).

People have power.  They can boost or derail you by just being themselves. Surround yourself with people who are givers, and simultaneously find ways to serve them in their own efforts to find more success.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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