Thursday, October 03, 2013

Networking Is The Key To Navigating ObamaCare

After being self-employed for four years I have learned that understanding healthcare options (even before ObamaCare) is complicated and it takes a lot of time to sort out the best plans to cover a family. We have changed plans twice since 2010 to get a plan that actually covered anything and that we could figure out. Each change in our insurance involved over 40 hours of my time (that I was not working on my business).

Thus my tip for those who need to understand their healthcare choices:

Networking is the key to understanding ObamaCare. 


The best definition of "Networking" is: "the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships where all involved succeed more because of the relationship than they would without the connections". This means that a network is comprised of people who help each other (it is a give and take relationship where people actively assist others and share).

Alas, talking with other people is the key to understanding ObamaCare.

Speak with your existing friends and business associates about how they are finding the right coverage for their families. Have discussion with everyone and seek those who have similar personal family situations to properly cover with insurance. Listen to what they have discovered and share with them what you have learned.

We learned the hard way that not all insurance plans are the same. Learn what different plans cover, what is not covered, what is a pain in the butt, what works well, etc..... Sharing, learning and listening (and helping) will make the crazy learning curve better.

Is my current insurance plan still the best coverage for my family? I do not know. However there is a good chance that the people in my network, and new people I will encounter, may have found the answers to what it all means.  The discussions are already proving to be interesting.

Yes- Networking can help with just about everything..... Including navigating ObamaCare. :-)

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