Sunday, October 06, 2013

Are you on Google+?

(This pic is the header photo on my Google+ profile)

Since it was released I have been intrigued by Google +.  I find it interesting, as it received a lot of "buzz" early in the days, but then it has been confusing for me to understand.  We do not hear as much lately, but this social media seems to be quietly becoming the place to connect.

The people who are HUGE fans of Google+ are militant sometimes about why it is great and they get upset when others question the power of their community. There is power in groups where cool people jump in and have meaningful conversations  But beware, as you will also find those who are just nasty and self important.  I had an exchange once where I questioned the usefulness of Google+ (I was trying to learn how people were getting benefit) and I was greeted by some nasty responses that almost turned me off to the social media site altogether.  But then I got private messages from those who saw the exchange (including a Google employee) who wanted to have positive a conversation and help me better understand (not to call me names). I was hooked on the force for good that existed on the site.

The experts say that a person or business presence on Google+ can be beneficial to internet search results, and I am sure since Google owns Google+ that it has some magic powers, but I am no expert, so I can't say for sure.

I recently upped my participation on Google+ and have found that those that use it, are excited about having others getting involved.  There is not the same level of interaction that one sees on Facebook or Twitter, but I am finding a stronger ability to engagement between those who do not know each other (Facebook is more of a network of existing friends, and Twitter is just Twitter).

What I like best about Google+ is the ability to put people into circles and then review the activities of those groups.  Where on LinkedIn and Facebook I hold true to my "Coffee, Meal or Beer Rule", Google+ allows me to follow all types of people and easily put them into a circle based on how I know them or the industry where they work.  I have circles for Austin, Speakers, Meeting Professionals, Law Firms, etc....    I find that when I want to see what is being said by those in any one circle I can quickly get past the "noise" that often clogs up my other social media places.

If you have not yet tried Google+, or if you joined but never went back, I suggest you poke around and see what you think about the way it is being used.  Let me know if you are there, as I would happily add you to a circle.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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