Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Small Things You Do Can Make The Biggest Impact

I was the keynote speaker at a major conference and I was suffering from dry and chapped lips (most likely from having been in Colorado the night before and then traveling by plane all day).  Dehydration?  Who knows, but it was not comfortable and clearly distracting me from preparing for my upcoming presentation.

Chapped lips is not something that I encounter much, but about thirty minutes before I took the stage it was clear this was going to be a distraction.  I needed to get some ChapStick (or something), but I was at a large convention center and not sure how quickly I could find a Walgreens or CVS.

Scrambling to figure out my options I walked by the booth of PMSI (Professional Marketing Services, Inc.). They are a promotional merchandise company (think: SWAG) who was exhibiting at the conference.  Their booth was extremely comprehensive (as you can put your logo on anything these days!).  I asked if they had lip balm, explained my situation, and handed me me their sample right off the board (Velcro and all)..

Wow.  I love small acts of kindness that helps another person in need.  So often people look for reasons to say "No", but they never blinked - their first reaction was "YES". The small promotional product sample solved the problem... I never noticed the cracking lips again for hours.

I do not have the need to buy any SWAG at this point... but I have their card on file for the next time I need promotional items.  It is the little things that a company does that shows they are a class act!

"Thank You" to the good people at PMSI.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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