Saturday, January 05, 2013

Inspiration Comes From Smart Friends

Invest in yourself and build friendships with people who will encourage you to excel in your personal and professional lives.  While there are many books you can read and systems you can implement... nothing can have the level of impact on your future success as the people in your life.

Belonging to organizations is a great way to find connections with others who share your values and goals.  When you are part of something that is bigger than only self, it propels you to higher levels.  Participation and the service with others is paramount to expanding your horizons.  If you are trying to do it all alone you could easily get lost on your journey.

I just returned home from an educational event sponsored by the National Speakers Association.  This particular event was called "The Laugh Lab", and was a two day intensive class for speakers on how to better understand and utilize humor.  The program was powerful, but the benefits of being present at this three day seminar were beyond the agenda.

The people with whom I was with were responsible for the real value of this event.  Like any conference, the sessions provided good material, but it was the "Hallway Conversations" with my peers that lead me to discovering ideas that I can put into practice that will serve the audiences I address in 2013.

Being around other speakers who are all growing their businesses is electrifying.  The Meetings Industry is a unique business, and those who work as speakers can find it to be a lonely.  My active involvement in the National Speakers Association has provided me with access to some brilliant people who understand my efforts to create and grow a business.  Plus, many actively are there to brainstorm ideas and share best-practices.

While we all have different topics of expertise and speak to a variety of types of audiences, my circle of friends has expanded to include some of the most uniquely interesting people I have ever known.  I am confident that if I had not joined NSA four years ago that I would never have established myself in this industry.  It is not that the association directly provides any business, but the exposure to the education and the contacts to other speakers has been the key to my success.

It costs money to belong to the group, and there is an investment of time and cash to attend the national convention and workshops, but all of this has allowed me to learn, grow, and avoid common pitfalls that others have seen.

I am often asked by non-NSA speakers why I would want to spend time with the "competition"..... I just do not see it that way.  These people are not working against me, but instead they are partners in my future.  NSA founder Cavett Robert was famous for saying  "Don't worry about how we divide up the pie, there is enough for everybody. Let's just build a bigger pie!"  --- I fully agree!!!

Inspiration comes from having smart friends.  I am lucky, as I have lots of inspiration coming my way.... as I have many smart friends!!!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Andrea Naomi said...

Great Post Thom :) I always find that when we are surrounded with people who share the same interests and energy something almost magical happens. Thanks for your insight!