Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Looking For A Speaker or Trainer?

As a professional speaker I know how hard many meeting professionals (and others) work to find the right presentations for their audiences.  This is an important task as the speaker sets the tone for the whole conference, convention, trade show, luncheon, or other gathering.

A speaker or trainer is not a commodity purchase, and there are many factors that impact the decision making process.  I am often asked by clients for recommendations for other speakers who they can consider hiring for future programs, and I love to refer those who I know have a strong commitment to the profession, their message, and the audiences they serve.

While I always want decision makers to select me to be their speaker, that is simply not realistic.  But I do encounter speakers, trainers, Emcees, and others who make a lasting impression and cover a wide variety of topics. Sharing them with the world is something I enjoy.  I think speakers can be one of the most valuable resources in vetting other potential speakers (same is true for trainers).

I suggest that meeting planners always inquire from the speakers with whom they work for ideas on other speakers.  I find speakers know first hand what has a powerful impact on audiences, and the best ones have usually shared their stages with wonderful peers. On occasion you will find a speaker who will not share ideas, but most are thrilled to refer their friends and colleagues.

If you are looking for a speaker, call or email the speakers you have used in the past.  My guess is they will connect you with some great speakers who will "wow" your audience.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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