Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Does Your Team Understand "Cooperative Significance"?

Are you working alone inside a company or are you part of a "cooperative team"?

All people want to feel significant.  At home, at work, in their community, etc.... we want to make a difference through our actions. I know that is important to me, and it is important to the people with whom I mentor.

Does your company understand the meaning of "Cooperative Significance"?

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thom singer

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Steve Harper aka Mr. Ripple said...

Great reminder Thom. Nothing happens in a vacuum. When you look at successful organizations most are led by people who foster an environment/culture of cooperative significance.

There is power in helping your employees understand they play a very critical role in the success of a company. But it has to be real, it can not simply be an empty promise made at the annual meeting or some lofty words buried deep with the public mission statement. It has to be part of the company culture - felt, understood and acted upon by those who get it, who like and want to play an active part in it.

Let's face it we all want to feel like we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves. That's what people who work for Google, Apple and even Amy's Ice Cream (an Austin Favorite of mine) feel like. They are not just working a job because that would be lame. They are creating a movement.

Think they could do that without cooperative significance? Highly unlikely.

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