Friday, February 12, 2010

Austin Tech Happy Hour and Spint 4G

The Austin Tech Happy Hour has become a "MUST ATTEND" event. If you have never been... you should check it out this month's special gathering at Buffalo Billiards on Thursday, February 18th.

5:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

If you CLICK HERE you can get your tickets for a discounted price for the readers of The Some Assembly Required Blog ($5.00 instead of $ save $2.50).

This month is a special event around the Sprint 4G Network. When the Austin Tech Happy Hour organizers, Bryan and Angi Menell, heard that Sprint was rolling out 4G service in Austin, they knew it was something that everyone would want to check out. For years people have been talking about how great WiMax was going to be, and now it’s finally here. For more about the neat things you can do with this technology, check out the story on AustinStartup.

They thought the best way to let you see, feel, and touch how cool this stuff is was to throw a happy hour with Sprint as quick as they could put one together. They’re going to have various demonstration stations available to show you how it all works, and what a dramatic difference 4G can make in your work and recreational lives.

See you there!

Have A Great Day.


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