Friday, September 11, 2009

I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Fighting Adultitis

The most recent podcast interview on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" is with Kim and Jason Kotecki. They are fighting the battle against "Adultitis" and working to educate the world on the horrors of "growing up".

The interview is full of information on how people can work to avoid being too serious and embrace their inner-child. Creativity and exploration are key to not being stuck in the cocoon of "old".

Jason is a cartoonist and Kim is a former kindergarten teacher. Their new book, "There's An Adult In My Soup" is available on They live in Madison Wisconsin and are the parents of a very cute little girl, Lucy, who never will be forced to grow up!!!

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.


Soon after I completed the interview with Kim and Jason I was walking down the street and ran into an old friend. I had not seen him since I was five-years-old, but there he was, walking his dog, Margo. I would have known them anywhere. It was, without a doubt, Chuckie.

Sure, he is older now than he was in 1971. He is now 43-year-old -- just like me. He even looks like me - but better. Chuckie is more fit. In fact, he is in great shape. His hair is not thinning as much. He still has a mischievous twinkle in his eye, as he was the one always getting me in trouble when we were kids.

You see, Chuckie was my imaginary friend from the time I was 2-years-old until I started kindergarten. He, and his dog Margo, went everywhere with me. When my aunt Catherine would babysit, I would demand that she make them each their own peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (That dog is at least 40 years old by now... who knew that PB&J would keep her so healthy for four decades!!!). He was always the one doing things like breaking a vase or eating all the Oreo Cookies. That silly Chuckie!

Anyway, I ran into him and it turns out you can follow him on Twitter (@ChuckieAndMargo). He also a professional speaker (like me), and he offered to be the guest blogger on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" tomorrow. So check back and see what he has to say about creativity and not forgetting how to have some fun -- even when you are all grown up.

Have A Great Day.


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Jay Fraser said...

Peter Pan Principle works every time (I live by it)