Friday, September 04, 2009

Are You Living Your Dream?

Someone asked me the other day "how are you doing?"

Without thinking I replied "I am living my dream". My response was not flippant, it was not a gung-ho / rah-rah statement...., it was a matter of fact comment that had sincerity.

This created an awkward silence. My friend stared at me for what seemed like ten minutes.

He later told me that my response caught him off guard. He did not know why, but he said he was quiet as he did not know how to respond. Most people reply "fine", "great", "okay".... but never "I am living my dream", and that my statement left him wondering if he was living his dream. He was unsure. He was happy, but was it his dream?

Are enough people are living their dream? Do they even know what they long to do in life? Are we encouraging our kids to go for their life's desires?

I have no advice or answers, it just has been on my mind.

Have A Great Day.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. Close but not. I a sure I am on god's path, but not living my dream. I am surviving, not living and therefore certainly not LIVING any dream. Great question/thought provoking.