Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ask The Experts

I have a friend who is just starting to write a book. His career has been a skyrocketing success and his passion to help others achieve greatness has become evident. He is scheduling meetings with everyone he knows who has undertaken a book project and discovering the best practices to make his dream a reality. He is devouring the advice and finding which path to take in creating his future New York Times Bestseller .

He is a perfect role model to those who want to expand their paradigms. By talking with those who have completed the goal that he desires, he is proving to himself that this is attainable. Additionally he is finding a variety of ways to work on his project, using the best techniques of each of the other authors.

We had breakfast together earlier this week, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed telling him about how I wrote my books, ....the experience of working with my editor, ....and the nitty gritty of marketing the finished book. Our conversation was motivational for us both.

If you have a big goal, seek out those who have completed the journey and seek their knowledge. Ask the experts!!!

Have A Great Day.


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