Monday, July 13, 2015

Be A Resource and Help Others Succeed

40 Tips To Re-Invent and Re-Launch at Age 40, 50, or Beyond. (Tip #12)

In an effort to re-start your journey, it is a good idea to be a resource and to help others who are trying to find their own success.  Being self-focused with your time might seem like the best way to achieve the fast path to your new career or life, but often the opposite is true.  Those who put their own needs in front of everything and everyone else tend to be the most frustrated.

Zig Ziglar said "you can have everything you want in life if you just help others get what they want".  And he was right.  Those who are givers tend to get more than they ever imagined.  Over time the more I actively worked to promote others, the more people came out of the wood work and did things to help me grow my business.  Sometimes it was the people I helped, but more often it was someone else.  The real givers are tired of takers, so they are always watching and observing who they can assist that is a proven giver.

Our social media crazy world has led to a society of narcissistic behaviors, and it often appears that those getting all the attention, opportunities, money, and success are the most avid promoters of personal interests.  While this might seem true, we do not always get to see the whole picture.  Those who are really finding the highest levels of success; professionally, personally, and spiritually are the people not just in it for their own victories.  While some people are selfish jerks, my experience is the real winners are often the first to help others, often before they reach the top of their own mountains.

It can be hard to get past the obsession with self when you are working to grow a career and build a life.  But serving others takes a lot less time than you think.  Sometimes it is as simple as a few kind words that make another person feel they are significant in their work.  In less than six seconds you can make another person's whole day brighter by complimenting their work and telling others about their efforts.  

If your social media stream is only information about you, your business, and promoting things that are personal for your success, then you can rest assured that this is how you are most likely living your life.  Take the time to re-tweet others, promote their cause, and you will find yourself receiving more help in your own journey.

Be a resource to others, and you will find you are not alone in your own path.  People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.  The fastest way to being known is to help them with what is most important to them. Like and trust will come along, but getting noticed is best done by serving others. 

Additionally, when you are having a rough day in your own business, it feels good to help another person succeed in theirs.  It takes so little to share your spotlight with others by promoting them.  And the by-product is they might just promote you in return (and we all want that).

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