Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Surround Yourself With Talent

My recent "Cool Things My Friends Do" blog post was about the performance of Jason Hewlett at the Foundation Dinner Event during the recent National Speakers Association Annual Conference.

Wow.  Jason is one of the most talented people I have ever met in person (maybe the most talented).  His speaking skills, comedic talent, musical abilities and captivating style made me realize that the world is full of people who are radically amazing... and yet we do not know they are nearby.

One of the reasons I have been so active in the National Speakers Association is to surround myself with the most talented people in the speaking business.  The outstanding speeches I witnessed on stage at this year's conference eclipsed anything I have seen over the years at the dozens of conferences (in a variety of industries). 

Sitting at the feet of greatness included Mike Rayburn, Toni Newman, Jay Baer, Eric Chester, Eric Wahl, Sean Stephenson, and others.  It was inspiring.  

However, it was not only the main-stage speakers or breakout speakers that made the experience transformational..... it was the other attendees in the audience.  1400 people were in attendance, and each conversation was laced with power and opportunity.  I came away with more ideas than I could ever implement.

The challenge for all of us is to continue to surround ourselves with "talent" beyond an an industry conference.  And I am not just talking about great speakers or the thought leaders in your industry.  Everyone you meet has talent.

There are spectacular people who are making things happen in many ways.  They are "artists".  I used to wish I could paint, draw, play an instrument or otherwise create great art.  But the truth is my life is art.  And so is yours.  We are all engaged in tasks that impact the world.... the trick is to honor the "art" that is all around us (in ourselves and others).

Who are your surrounded by?  Do they push you to excel in new ways?

Have A Great Day

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