Monday, September 26, 2011

Innovation You by Jeff DeGraff

I recently read Innovation You: Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved.  It is a new book by the "Dean of Innovation", Jeff DeGraff.

I have been thinking about the topic of innovation.  Change has been so consistent in my life and I know the only way to find more success is to be willing to accept this reality.  If we want to discover our potential we must constantly be innovating.  I have the most fun working with those who are excited by change, as they are the ones who achieve results.

The companies, law firms and individuals I work with want more business in the changed economy, but many have remained the same in their attitudes toward business, sales, marketing, relationships, brand, visibility, etc.....  "We have always done it this way" has become the lamest excuse in the marketplace.  What worked before is no longer the guarantee for the future. (While it might work for some, not paying attention to what is new in your industry is a bad idea).

I also witness this struggle in myself.  As my business grows I find new and exciting opportunities, but I need to expand my expertise.  I am harnessed with the same economic conditions other businesses are facing, but I am not other businesses.  My unique situations present a chance for me to forge my own path to success.  I get excited when I can find ways to overcome problems with a new and fresh approach.

DeGraff is a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the Executive Director of Innovatrium, a creativity center for executives.  He works with some of the worlds "best and brightest" to help them rethink their innovation, approach, methods and journey.  His experience is important, but he goes further than just another academic who writes a book... he writes with impact that keeps the reader's attention and interest.

In the end, creativity is the key to innovation and success. He tells stories throughout the book that show how people can overcome the road-bumps and reached their victories.  The game has changed, and we all can use a dose on innovation.

Innovation You is a good book, and it is worth the time to read it, as it will kick-start your own re-engineering process.

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