Monday, February 25, 2008

If You Can't Tie Your Tie, Show Up At Starbucks

I like it when I see a worker go the extra mile for the customer.

This morning at the Starbucks on Far West in Austin a young man was buying his coffee dressed in a suit and tie. He could not have been twenty years old and his nice clothes were brand new.

He was going to court for something (yes, I was eves dropping), but what stood out was that he did not know how to tie his tie. It wasn't even close.

Just as I thought that I would offer to help him with his fashion faux pas, Justin, the Bartista at Starbucks who ALWAYS goes beyond the call of duty offered to help him make his neck-wear situation right.

He came around the counter, took the tie, created a great looking knot around his own neck and slipped it over his head and gave it to the clueless but grateful kid.


Good job Starbucks, once again you have hired another employee in Justin who understands the power of helping the customer with more than just their coffee purchase.

Alas, this is why Starbucks has prospered. They hire good people.

Have A Great Day.


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James said...

Hey Thom, great story of customer service (and kindness). Thanks for your efforts. jtp