Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Newsletters Do Not Generate Leads

May 5, 2005

So often companies get so caught up in their marketing that they forget that there is no replacement for good old fashion sales skills. A website or a newsletter might be a helpful tool in showing the credibility of your company, but it is still word of mouth that generates most GREAT leads.

If you are in sales and you spend a great deal of your time complaining about your companies brochures, website and other marketing collateral, then you are wasting your time. While I admit that marketing can make your life easier, in the end it is up to you to get off your ass and find the leads and turn them into business.

Harsh words? Sure. But it is true.

I have seen many a company with a great marketing and great products fail. Similarly, there are thousands of examples of successful organizations who continue to set sales records in spite of their horrible marketing materials.

Regardless of your industry, if you are responsible for business development, then you need to get out and network, cold call, build relationships and close sales. Look around at the top producers in your company. They are succeeding with the same materials that you are using.

Now go sell something.

Thom Singer

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