Monday, March 07, 2005

Have A Plan

Have A Plan

I am amazed how many people just allow their careers to just "happen". They do not know what success looks like, as they just do their job and hope for more money and better opportunities.

I believe that you must have a plan. If you were boarding an airplane that was flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii, would you want the pilot to know where he is going? The odds of landing safely in Honolulu would be much greater with a flight plan. Think about how much water there is in the Pacific Ocean, would you want to take the chance of just landing anywhere?

As children we all had aspirations of what we wanted to be when we grew up. I think the reality that we cannot all be firemen, nurses and superheros hit home in such a way that we stopped dreaming about where our life journey should lead. But if you do not know what success looks like, how would you know if you got there?

If you want to succeed in business development, you must have a goal of how much business and what kind of business you want to develop. To just go out and network accomplishes nothing (although it can be fun). It is turning the contacts you make into leads, and then converting the leads into real business that is important.

Create your plan, set your goals and take action to make them happen. Do not just be parked at the gate or blindly flying around.

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